Welcome to the Secure Instant Messenger and Phone

First of all, please read our short User Manual to get acquainted with Simphone.

Cryptographic procedures are described in detail in our Cryptographic Security document.

To find out what's new, check the Simphone Version History.


Feel free to browse our repository or download the Source Code of Simphone.
md5sum: c547d81c005847be53fc11df6bfd2f50

The compilation process (which also allows you to reproduce the precompiled executables) is straightforward as described by our Compilation Instructions.

If you want to create a new GUI or another application that uses the functionality of Simphone, you can use the public simcore API.

The structure of the source code and important internal concepts are explained in the Hacking Guide.

Finally, here is a list of features that may be implemented in future.

Questions or comments? Please contact us at info@simphone.org