Welcome to the Secure Instant Messenger and Phone

For Windows (version 7, XP or later), download simphone-win32-0.8.1.zip.
md5sum: 26a62b6f4af76e0a45dbaa81137e76c0

For Mac OS (version 10.6 or later), download simphone-macos-0.8.1.zip.
md5sum: 2f58ccedc4190d40acf34e593c5afedc

For Linux (x64), download simphone-linux-0.8.1.zip.
md5sum: b13c2ca55981a2009a1d7b9c7a6034c0

As an alternative for unix-like systems (including Linux), there's a portable installer which works 'everywhere'. Download and run simphone_installer.shar.gz.
md5sum: 74f5f3310da798e0fc03773d2af5867b

If you don't know what to do with a shar.gz file, please read the unix installer chapter.

Note that executable files offered here were compiled from the published source code and anyone can verify that this is so. For more details, check out our documentation.

Questions or comments? Please contact us at info@simphone.org